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Pe is a leading technical solutions provider for body worn camera, offering the most advanced body cameras in the industry with its proof features such as superior image quality, extended battery life, extraordinary functionality, and reliability.

Outstanding Features

We incorporate high-end functions and qualities that improve end-user performance and ability to capture crucial recordings during any engagements.

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Front Facing Screen

The front facing screen has a proven calming effect on people being recorded. Once they notice they are being recorded on the screen, they are less likely to be violent and rude.

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Articulated Camera Head

Our design delivers outstanding performance on the life time of articulated camera head, over 30,000 rotation times, which provides an optimal FOV and flexible wearing options.

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ON/OFF Slides Switch

Our body worn camera is the easiest on the market to operate, with a sliding switch. Simply side the switch down, and the camera turns on and start recording.

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PTT Integration

We consider our camera to be efficient but also practical at the same time, users are able to connect our body worn camera to radios as a RSM.

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Advanced Image Sensor

Allows officer to capture better evidence with improved low-light performance, reduced motion blur, and advanced audio with noise reduction technology.

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When it comes to storage, a high efficient video compression will be more preferable to save resources.

Empower Law Enforcement Officers

We are supplying the majority of Chinese government agencies with advanced body worn cameras. The law enforcement officers are using Pe body worn cameras to capture an accurate record of their interaction with the public to increase transparency into law enforcement practice.

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Increase Situational Awareness

Our 4G LTE body cameras allow the commanders to coordinate tactical operations in real-time with eyes on the ground, ensure they can get the right information immediately.

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Perfect Applications

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