Evidence Capturing

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The use of body worn camera by law enforcement agency such as Patrol, Traffic, Police and other first responders offers great advantages in keeping officers safe, enhancing situational awareness, improving community relations and accountability, and providing evidence for trial.

In the last few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the criminal justice use. Revolutionizing the judicial system benefitting both officers and the public, our effective body worn camera solution can be used to resolve disputes and build trust with the community by preserving a record of critical events.

Our Integrated Solution for Body Worn Camera

The solution consists of four core parts, including evidence capture, transport, storage and data management.

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    Body Worn Camera

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    Integrated Docking Stations

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    IMS & Storage

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    Evidence Management

Cutting Edge Q1

Pe offers the most advanced body cameras in the industry with its proof features including superior video quality, extended battery life, extraordinary functionality and easy to use. With numerous unique features, Q1 is the most significant ones equipped with the fully articulated camera, PTT integration and front facing screen.

  • Front Facing Screen

    The front facing screen has a proven calming effect on people being recorded. Once they notice they are being recorded on the screen, they are less likely to be violent and rude.

  • Articulated Camera Head

    Our design delivers outstanding performance on the life time of articulated camera head, over 30,000 rotation times, which provides an optimal FOV and flexible wearing options.

  • ON/OFF Slides Switch

    Our body worn camera is the easiest on the market to operate, with a sliding switch. Simply side the switch down, and the camera turns on and start recording.

  • PTT Integration

    We consider our camera to be efficient but also practical at the same time, users are able to connect our body worn camera to radios as a RSM.

  • Advanced Image Sensor

    Allows officer to capture better evidence with improved low-light performance, reduced motion blur, and advanced audio with noise reduction technology.

  • H.265 CODEC

    When it comes to storage, a high efficient video compression will be more preferable to save resources.

Integrated Docking Station

Pe docking station provides graphical user interface for their administrative works, and each body camera can be found easily in the dashboard. Simply connect the body camera to the docking station, the data transferring can be done automatically without any manual intervention.

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    User Interface

    All body cameras information are visualized in the dashboard, such as user information, download and upload status and battery level.

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    Download & Upload

    As soon as the body camera is connected in docking station, data on the camera begins to download and upload automatically while charging.

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    BWC Assignment

    It is exceptionally easy to use BWC assignment method in docking station, with no extra hardware required.

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    Data Management

    Users can simply search and playback their digital evidence in docking station, or make an optional mark it as important evidence.

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    Simultaneous Connection

    Providing multiple cameras for concurrent charging, downloading and uploading.

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    Empty Storage

    The storage of camera will be cleared up once the data have been transferred.

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    Password Protection

    Password protection to avoid access by third parties or unauthorized persons.

Leading Integrated Management System

Our comprehensive integrated management system provides an intuitive, web-based interface for efficient management of digital evidence. This secure, chain-of-custody guaranteed system improves workflow of evidence managemnt, so officers can dedicate scarce resources to other higher priority organizational tasks.

3 Million Strong Can't be Wrong

We partner with over 35,000 law enforcement agencies, with 3,000,000 body cameras deployed in the field.