Our Focus on Research and Development

In the past ten years, we have continued to innovate around audio and video processing, integrating technologies such as wireless communications, big data, and artificial intelligence to establish solutions for smart body worn camera and information technology software.

  • R&D Capabilites 

    We have established a standardized R&D and testing procedures, covering optical imaging quality, high reliability of our product, color analysis, electrostatic protection, and other aspects of testing experiments, providing professional solutions for the development of the most cutting edge body worn cameras.
  • Core Technologies 

    Image processing multi-platform design, Image distortion correction, Power supply and power consumption design in high and low-temperature environment, Dust-proof, water-proof, and anti-drop design, Security algorithm and cloud storage technology, Adaptive network real-time transmission technology, Big data content analysis technology.
  • Advanced Labs 

    Optical imaging laboratory, video storage laboratory, video analysis and processing laboratory, product reliability assurance laboratory, radio frequency laboratory, acoustic laboratory.
  • Well-known Suppliers 

    Adhering to the rigorous attitude and the spirit of excellence, we have reached strategic cooperation with high-quality upstream raw material suppliers to provide users with the most stable and reliable products.
  • Pe500.

Over 140 Million RMB Investment on R&D

We reinvest at least 6% of our sales revenues back in R&D of innovative products annually.


Fully-Engaged R&D Team

Accounting for at least 35% of the company’s total employee headcount, our experienced R&D engineers has mastered the core of body worn camera technology, showing expertise in both front-end and back-end products.

  • optical imaging lab

    Optical Imaging Test

    Using the most advanced analysis equipments in the industry, we achieve perfect control on video quality while raising the standard.

  • Reliability680.346

    Drop Test

    Our standard emphasizes tailoring an equipment's environmental design and test limits to the conditions that it will experience throughout its service life and establishing chamber test methods that replicate the effects of environments on the equipment.

  • Temperature-test680.346

    High Low Temperature Test

    We use temperature testing to determine the performance of body worn camera under different adverse conditions.

  • product reliability lab

    Water Resistance Test

    We provide evidence for the water-resistant feature that differentiates the quality level, demonstrate the durability enhancement of our body worn camera.

  • RF lab

    RF Test

    We are using a radio communication tester to test frequency bands, Wi-Fi, ensuring we can bring the body worn camera with best performance capabilities to the market.

  • acoustic lab

    Acoustics Test

    Audio capture capabilities are calibrated to achieve ideal results. Clean recording and background noise cancellation features enhance the quality of audio performance.

Revolutionary R&D Labs

Equipped with cutting-edge laboratories and testing equipments that comply with national standards, leading the standard in R&D and production in the industry.

3 Million Strong Can't be Wrong

We partner with over 35,000 law enforcement agencies, with 3,000,000 body cameras deployed in the field.