Enforce the law with precise recording of evidence. Peace and order.

Safe and Efficient Police Solutions

Facing limited staff and increasing dangers on the field, police stations require extensive support to secure the safety of their officers. With Pe’s body cameras, we offer a way for policemen to properly monitor criminal activity. The presence of our body camera technology improves documentation of crimes and ensures order. Find our solutions.

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Recommended Cameras


    4G LTE, AI-Empowered G7

    G7 is a breakthrough evidence-capturing device that allows the command staff to coordinate a tactical operations in real-time with eyes on the ground.

  • Front facing screen body worn camera

    Articulated Camera Head Design Q1

    Q1 has a number of unique features, the most significant ones being the fully articulated camera head, PTT integration, and the front facing screen.

3 Million Strong Can't be Wrong

We partner with over 35,000 law enforcement agencies, with 3,000,000 body cameras deployed in the field.