Using body cameras to help us prevent workplace aggression and improve security and patient care.

Solution for handling aggression and complaints in healthcare

Increasingly, Healthcare is facing situations where body cameras could make a positive difference. Because of the digital video captured by the body camera, We could have detailed evidence to quickly dismiss any false complaints against our staff, helping us to improve responses to the incident and aggression. Find our solutions.


Recommended Cameras

  • T0 cover 380x272 1

    Innovative Badge Design T0

    In business premises such as shopping centers, airports, and banks, this device can become a supplement of fixed cameras, effectively capture the evidence of the crime or violence, which greatly ease the pressure on the staff.

  • X5 cover

    Radio Bodycam X5

    The X5 Radio BodyCam is an integrated device incorporating a wearable camera and DMR radio feature.

3 Million Strong Can't be Wrong

We partner with over 35,000 law enforcement agencies, with 3,000,000 body cameras deployed in the field.