What Makes A Reliable Body Worn Camera

In order to deliver the best body worn cameras to the market, each product undergoes a comprehensive production process.

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Generating Profitable Ideas

Building the Concept

Initial market research and product analysis planning are conducted by the marketing team to validate market demand and ensure the feasibility and profitability of the project. The completed research and initial planning details are then forwarded to the R&D team to begin the design process.

product analysis and planning
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Design & Planning

R&D team begins design and development of the product based on the product demand analysis, technical program evaluations, and ID design. Research results are used to create body worn cameras that exceed market expectations. Hardware team works on the engineering design, while the software team plans the logical architecture for the body worn cameras.

ID design of the body worn cameras
Bring the Product Designs to Life

Product Development

Completed circuit designs and logical framework designs, along with tooling and optical design, are integrated into building a camera. Our critical development process guarantees seamless integration of hardware and software.

The engineer carries out program compilation
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After the initial prototype is completed, a series of test cycles are implemented to measure product performance and durability. Continuous hardware improvements, along with software programming and debugging are done to ensure that hardware and software meet our standards.

α、β tests of the products
Analyse Results in Real-Time


Once the testing phase is completed, the process goes to full-swing production using our automated production line. Our quality department goes through rigorous quality control tests for checking the consistency of the output. Tests include prototype aging and trial production, among others.

mass production of the products
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Review & Release

Following the completion of the production stage and quality control process, our marketing team verifies the project results and completes the order process by releasing the products. Project results are based on decision review points and technical reviews, evaluating the practicality and profitability.


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