Docking Station

Integrated Docking Station

Docking station provides users with a simplified and efficient solution to back up evidence from the body camera. Evidence is securely transferred through our docking station to ensure the security and integrity of digital evidence from incident to courtroom. As soon as the body camera is connected in our docking station, data on the camera automatically begins to download, and are deleted after being downloaded. Not only does it allow for easy download, but it also charges the device. Our system allows the officers have more time on their work, less overtime due to downloading evidence from our body worn camera.

Beneficial Docking Station Features and Functions

All of our docking stations allow agents to get the most out of our body-worn cameras with its many qualities.

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Scalable Platform

Files can be transferred from our docking station to a cloud or local server.

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Easy to Use

The user-friendly interface allows agency staff to fully utilize our docking station with minimum training.

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Encrypted Data

All files transmitted from the docking stations are encrypted to prevent hackers from seeing the data.

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Data Sharing

Managers and staff can easily share videos securely to gather all the necessary evidence through our docking station.

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Evidential Usage

All videos transferred to our docking stations contain an audit trail for verification purposes.

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File Management

Our docking station interface adds metadata to all files for easy search and organization of recordings.

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