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Radio Bodycam X5

The X5 Radio BodyCam is an integrated device incorporating a wearable camera and DMR radio feature. The X5 is equipped with a professional speaker, 2K high-definition video, and a 110-degree wide-angle camera lens. The device offers reliable communication with loud and clear audio and promises a professional video recording feature for ease of use across multiple situations.

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Outstanding Features


IP Grade IP56
Battery 2810mAh, 7.6V
Battery Life One Single Charge Support 12 Hours of Radio Communication and 4 Hours of Video Recording
Charging 5V2A: ~4.5 Hours, 9V2A: ~3 Hours
Drop Test 2 Meters
Video Resolution 2560×1440
F.O.V >110°
Photo Quality 32MP
CODEC H.264 & H.265
IR Light Support
Working Mode Digital & Analog Compatible
Transmit Power High:4W, Low:1W
Speaker Power: 1W, Diameter: 36mm
Frequency 400-470MHz
Range City: 2-3KM, Open Space: 3-5KM
DMR Relay Support
Radio REC Save In Local

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