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Rapid Breathalyzer

The Rapid Breathalyzer is an alcohol test device with fuel cell technology, which is able to detect the breath of alcohol. The Breathalyzer also features a traffic wand design, it’s ideal for traffic management and emergency direction in all types of assignments.

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Outstanding Features


Dimension 400*φ40mm
Weight ≤300g
Magnet Support
High/Low Temperature Working Condition 40℃ and 0℃
Cellular Module Optional, It is not included in the standard device.
USB Type-C
Sensor 16mm Fuel Cell
Display 1.3 inch LCD Screen
Range 0~120mg/100ml
Accuracy 1mg/100ml
Test Time 5 Seconds, Configurable from 1 to 15 seconds
Recalibration 3~5 seconds
Pump Method Continuous pumping
Volume >0.6L/min
Battery Replaceable, 18650 2600mAh
Battery Life >500 Times
Charging 5V 2A Adapter, ≤2.5 hours

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