We Start From Here

P is short for Police, which stands for Law Enforcement, the pronunciation of E is very similar to one of our Chinese Brand word. PE describes our philosophy that keeping the mission of serving the Law Enforcement Agency.
PE, A brand of Shenzhen Jingyi Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise dedicated to the complete solution for Police Body-worn Camera. PE carries out research and development, design and manufacturing of Body-worn Camera, Data Docking Station, Video Management Systems. As of 2016, our solutions have been deployed into numerous Law Enforcement Agencies including Public Security Department, Traffic Police, Firefighting, City Administration, Customs, Railway and Justice Department. We are so proud of being a part of important government security projects such as National Congress, NPC and CPPCC, G20 Summit, Etc.
It is our honor to be recognized as the leading specialist in Police Body-worn Camera, in 2011 and 2015 we were twice invited to draft the Body-worn Camera Industry Standard for Ministry of Public Security by Government, and granted the privilege of "Security Industry Innovation Award", "National Science and Technology Innovation Award ", "China Top 10 Police Equipment Brand" by Ministry of Public Security.
We started small, 7 employees at the very beginning fueled by craftsman's spirit, growing with our hard work and trying to be the global leading enterprise of Body-worn camera. Even though we have been at this industry for 10 years, we are just GETTING STARTED and never stop…

Industry Credits

In 2016, we sold around 270,000pcs Body-worn Cameras and 10,000pcs 21-bay Docking Stations.
As of 2016, over 750,000pcs Body-worn Cameras has been deployed by 30,000 Law Enforcement Agencies, we have 798,743 Users in the field.
Body-worn Camera Standard Drafting Member for Ministry of Public Security
Board of Directors of China Police Body-worn Camera Industry Alliance
Desinated Supplier on Government Contract
National High-Tech Enterprise


  • 2017

    Driving by craftsman's spirit, always on the way and never stop…
  • 2016

    Moved in own property office with 3,0000 square foot.
    Launched new product lines including Mobile Terminal and Smart Watch designed for Law Enforcement.
    Desinated Supplier on Government Contract.
    Stockholding of the company, Jingyi is going public now.
  • 2015

    Designated Body-worn Camera supplier on Government Contract.
    Board of Directors of China Police Body-worn Camera Industry Alliance.
    Body-worn Camera Standard Drafting Member for Ministry of Public Security.
  • 2014

    CMMI-3 passed. Over 100 partners in our Strategic Partnership Sales System.
    Sales revenue exceeded US$35 Million, with more than 30% market shares in China.
  • 2013

    Total Quality Management System implemented.
    Qualified as National High-Tech Enterprise.
    Won first provincial Body-worn Camera project.
  • 2012

    Built After-Sales Service Team.
    Top 10 Police Equipment Brands awarded by Ministry of Public Security in China.
  • 2011

    Strategic Partnership Sales System established.
    First Conference for Alliance Partner held.
    Participation in Body-worn Camera Standard Drafting for Government.
  • 2010

    Company found.
    Built management team.
    Lauched first generation Body-worn Camera.