PE-X9 Body-worn Camera

Compact & Lightweight
It does not impede or weigh-down your movements..
GPS & GSM Supported
Real-time GPS tracking, and Emergency SOS.
Geographic Information System
Real-time tracking, find trajectory and manage GEO-Fence.
Removable Battery Design
Recording won't be stopped even when replacing a new battery.
Compatible with Walkie & Talkie
Can be used as a speaker microphone.

Specification Sheet

Dimension (H” x W” x D”) 84mm×53mm×28mm
Weight 150g
Mounting options Chest, Epaulette, Windshield
LCD Display 2'' TFT LCD
Password Protection Yes
Noise Reduction Noise reduction for clean video with minimal motion blur
One Button Recording Yes
G-Sensor Yes
Video and Optics
Video Resolution 1920×1080, 1280×720, 848×480
Recording Format H264 .MP4
Field of View ≥115 degrees
IR Light Auto or Manual
Water Mark User ID, Device ID, Time & Date, GPS Coordinates embedded into video.
Pre-event Recording 30 Seconds
Pre-event recording feature 30s
Still Image Up to 32MP
Important Tag Yes
Playback Forward & Rewind Yes
Digital Zoom Yes
Microphone Feature Yes
Audio Format .WAV
Police Radio Interface Yes, for example Motorola Radio
Capacity 1,800mAh Li-ion Polymer Battery (Removable)
Battery Life 6 Hours
Standby More than 72 Hours
Charge Time 2 Hours
Drop Test 2m onto hard surface
Dust/Water Ingress Protection IP66
Up to 48TB Storage
The Docking Station can be used as evidence storage server.
Empty Body-worn Camera after Downloaded.
The camera’s storage will be cleared after evidence downloaded.

Sync Time Automatically
Correct the camera’s time after connected to Docking Station.
Charge the camera once connected.


Search for Evidence:
Search for specific Video, Audio, Photo by filtering with keywords, event date, officer and department.
Manage Evidence:
Create a case category, description, tag the data for specific case.

Audit Trails:
Full audit trail of every actions taken by user across Digital Evidence Management System.
Review Evidence Online:
Online Video, Audio, Photo playback.

User Privileges:
Create retention policy for evidence.
Customize user access and permission roles.
Create unlimited user levels, departments and users.
Share evidence with other department.
Generate reports on the basis of time period.
Digital Evidence Management System