PE-5V Body-worn Camera

Wireless Transmisson
Ensure Officer and Command & Dispatch Center get the right information immediately
Live Streaming
Stream video anywhere to ensure quicker response and increase situational awareness.
Geographic Information System
Real-time tracking, find trajectory and manage GEO-Fence
Digital Intercom
Talk over cellular with other 4G BWCs and Command Center.
Facial & License Plate Recognition
You can integrate other online capabilities into our system
Compact & Lightweight
Most compact and lightweight in this market.

Specification Sheet

Dimension 85mm×55mm×30mm
Weight 148g
Mounting Options Chest, Epaulette
Screen 2.0 inch Capacitive Touch Screen
Dual Camera Lens Main Camera for video recording, photographing. Second Camera for video conference.
Video and Optics
Video Resolution 1920×1080, 1280×720, 848×480
Field of view ≥110 Degrees
Video Transmission 720P/480P via 4G Cellular Network or WIFI
IR light Auto or Manual
White Balance Auto
Watermark User ID, Device ID, Time & Date, Coordinates embedded into video, which can not be tampered with.
Photo Pixel Up to 36MP
Real-time Tracking
GPS Yes, with enhancement
Wireless Transmission
2/3G/4G Yes
BT Yes
Capacity Replaceable 2,200mAh, keep working for 5 minutes when replacing new battery.
Battery Life 6 Hours
Standby 48hrs
Charge Time 2hrs
Live Streaming Yes
Online Map Application Yes
Digital Radio PTT Over Cellular
Facial and License Plate Recognition Yes
Drop Test 2m onto hard surface
Dust/Water Ingress Protection IP67
Docking Station provides a simplified and efficient solution to back-up evidence from Body-worn Camera.

● Providing graphical user interface for administrative works.
● Conducting downloading & uploading when camera is connected.
● Continuing with downloading & uploading after occurrence of interruption with no data loss.
● Providing multiple cameras for concurrent charging and downloading & uploading.
● Clearing up storage of camera once data transferred.
● Search and playback evidence with different criteria.
● Assigning camera to one specific user, or multi-users.


Search for Evidence
Search for specific Video, Audio, Photo by filtering with keywords, event date, officer and department.
Manage Evidence
Create a case category, description, tag the data for specific case.

Audit Trails
Full audit trail of every actions taken by user across Digital Evidence Management System.
Review Evidence Online
Online Video, Audio, Photo playback.

User Privileges
Create retention policy for evidence.
Customize user access and permission roles.
Create unlimited user levels, departments and users.
Share evidence with other department.
Generate reports on the basis of time period.
Digital Evidence Management System