4G Live Streaming Body-worn Camera Solution

4G Live Streaming Body-worn Camera

PE offers real-time mission-critical surveillance for law enforcement, using artificial intelligence to increase situational awareness. It allows Command Center to coordinate tactical operations in real-time with eyes on the ground, ensure front-line officer and Command get the right information immediately.

5V Body-worn Camera

Pe offers visualized dispatch solution to ensure both front-line officer and Command Center get the right information immediately.
Pe's solution is providing live streaming audio and video communications to law enforcement as emergencies happen, to ensure quicker response and increase situational awareness.
Through real-time data intelligence collection, frontline officer and Command Centers are able to increase officer safety while improving department operational efficiencies and response.
Pe's 4G LTE live streaming body-worn camera captures real-time evidence as it happens and sends it to our backend system.


All-in-one Docking Station

All-in-one Docking Station is your automatic data downloader, which syncs data from Body-worn camera automatically during charging.
Evidence can be uploaded directly to Digital Evidence Management System automatically.
Our system is providing graphical user interface for administrative works, each device can be easily found in the dashboard. Simply connecting your camera to the Docking Station, data transferring can be done automatically without any manual intervention
Undoubtedly Docking Station saves your time by eliminating unnecessary manual processes.


Digital Evidence Management System

Evidence Management System provides a secure and easily accessed interface for management, sharing and viewing of digital evidence.
Search for Evidence
Search for specific Video, Audio, Photo by filtering with keywords, event data, officer and department.
Manage Evidence
Create a case category, description, tag the data for specific case.
Review Evidence Online
Online Video, Audio, Photo playback.
Audit Trails
Full audit trail of every actions taken by user across Digital Evidence Management System.
User Privileges
Create retention policy for evidence.
Customize user access and permission roles.
Share evidence with other department.
Generate reports on the basis of time period.
Create unlimited user levels, departments and users.