China MSA Propose Body Camera in PSC

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January 5, 2018
Warm Congratulations on Relocation of R&D Center
January 23, 2018

“The Topic of Disscussion on Body-worn Camera in Port State Control” submitted by Tokyo MOU Secretariat has been accepted in 7th IMO WORKSHOP FOR PSC MOU/AGREEMENT SECRETARIES AND DATABASE MANAGERS, which was written by Maritime Safety Administration of Shanghai early. The agenda in the furture meeting should include discussion on the use of body cameras by PSC officers.

Maritime Safety Administration of Shanghai has been deploying Jingyi PE Body-worn Camera since 2014. PSC officers use the Body camera to record the video during their inspection process, in order to decrease the disagreements, disputes and complaints. This has been proved as a effective method to boost collaboration, harmonization and information sharing.

Shenzhen Jingyi Smart Technology Co., Ltd is a leading solution provider in Body-worn Camera, we are so proud of being a part of important government security projects.